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Basement Waterproofing Cedar Rapids, IAThe GrateDrain solves the most difficult basement water problems. Protect your basement with the most advanced technological water control system available today. The GrateDrain was designed with large dual chambers that directs ground water from beneath the basement floor and the wall/footing joint to the sump liner. The GrateDrain’s ability to accept ground water through large passageways (punch holes) from either direction is a powerful advantage when compared to other drainage systems. Other drainage systems only allow water to enter from one direction or allow water to pass right through their drainage pipe from the wall/footing joint and bring ground water under the basement slab instead of directing it to the sump liner. (see figure 1)

Basement Solutions Grate Drain

Benefits for Your Basement

  • GrateDrain™ is custom built for every basement. The GrateDrain was designed to be custom made and fitted to the basement. Each section of the GrateDrain is assembled and accurately sized.
  • GrateDrain has a dual chamber design Water can enter from the wall/footing seam and from under the basement slab then the dual chamber directs it to the sump.
  • Isolate iron bacteria colonies GrateDrain was designed to isolate iron bacteria problems so that it does not spread throughout the basement. GrateDrain prevents cross-contamination.
  • Easy cover and panel access for system flush Accessible covers and panels allow a service technician to flush.
  • GrateDrain is economical The GrateDrain design reduces waste as each piece can be used.
  • Engineered drainage system that offers more value Custom assembly/installation, ridged components, and advanced design makes the GrateDrain the best system.
  • GrateDrain is the strongest system on the market. GrateDrain is a extruded durable poly vinyl chloride (pvc) which is made up of our (4) foot horizontal wall pieces and 120 foot coils of vertical wall sections.


A full warranty can be available with proper yearly maintenance.

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